Mentoring At a Glance: Unveiling the 2016 Population Lab Research Report

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Thanks to the fantastic work of PolicyWise and the Population Lab Laboratory at the University of Alberta, we are excited to unveil Mentoring At A Glance: University of Alberta Population Lab Research on Mentoring for 2016. We encourage you to download and share the full report (Mentoring at a Glance_2016 Alberta Population Lab Survey Final Report – April 2017) This report provides you …

Mentoring helps Vulnerable Youth Enhance Their Natural Supports

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New research published by the Change Collective in Calgary, (co-funded by the Burns Fund and the United Way of Calgary and area, with a number of agency partners and co-authors including Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary & Area) provides a framework for enhancing natural supports as a critical lever in promoting healthy youth development. Within the mentoring movement we talk about reframing the …

Mentoring Black Youth - Alberta Black History Month 2017

Resources for Mentoring Black Youth: Alberta officially recognizes Black History Month

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On January 31st, 2017 Premier Rachel Notley proclaimed February as Black History Month in Alberta, recognizing the contributions people of African and Caribbean descent have made to the province. According to the Alberta Government Media Announcement, Alberta has the third highest black population in Canada at 74,435 (2011 census). In honour of Black History Month in Alberta we thought we …

Week 5 Keep the MentoringMonth Energy Going

Week 5 – #MentoringMonth Has Been Awesome…But Let’s Keep Up The Learning All Year Long

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This week is the end of #MentoringMonth, but for many, it’s just the beginning of a new mentoring journey. Here’s how you can keep in touch and step up your mentoring game all year long: If you are not already, consider a no-fee partnership in the AMP for your agency or school. Whether your organization provides mentoring services or has …

Week 4 Start Mentoring In Schools Newsletter


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This week we are highlighting the importance of mentoring in schools. We know according to 2016 Population Lab Research on Alberta youth, 81% of mentees said mentoring helped them stay in school. Mentoring in Schools and supports welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments, high school completion and positive mental health. If your school is not utilizing mentoring as a …

Week 3 – Thank Your Mentor!

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Sign-up for our newsletter and keep up to date! This week is THANK YOUR MENTOR WEEK and we celebrate the impact that mentors make on young people throughout society and we also pause and reflect on the important role that mentors have played in our own lives. Who helped you before you were you? We also want to share with …

#MentoringMonth Week 2 – Start Mentoring!

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This week the theme is START MENTORING! Last week you learned about how effective and impactful mentoring is across our lives. This week is focused on signing up as many new mentors as possible: Try our mentor nomination form and nominate a friend or co-worker? First things first: we need your help in amplifying #mentoringmonth to your volunteers, staff, and …

#MentoringMonth Week1 - Alberta


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Happy New Year! This year we are celebrating the start of 2017 with the unveiling of #MENTORING MONTH. Wherever you are in Alberta, there is a young person who could use a mentor from someone like you. We know the two greatest volunteer and program recruitment opportunities are in September and January. Building on the great work done by MENTOR, …

Mentoring Toolkit for Indigenous Children and Youth Webinar

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The Alberta Mentoring Partnership presented a webinar to unveil for you our hot-off-the-press Indigenous Mentoring for Children and Youth Toolkit. ask questions with the creators of the toolkit. The Alberta Mentoring Partnership with the assistance of Dr. Sean Lessard and Dr. Simmee Chung have refreshed our Mentoring in Indigenous Communities Toolkit. In the following webinar you will learn: How can …

“Paper Tigers” – Documentary on Adverse Childhood Experiences Panel

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Visiting teachers from Lincoln High School in Walla Walla Washington were in Alberta to meet and share ideas on how adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and trauma informed practices have made an impact on a student population. Featured in the Paper Tigers documentary the film asked the questions:  What does it mean to be a trauma informed school? And, how do …