13 Steps That Help Define A Quality Mentoring Program. Do you Complete all 13 Steps?

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership has a multitude of tools and resources to help you create a mentoring program along with more specific resources to help bring your program to the next level, including considerations for creating mentoring programs for special populations. Get started now, and download the Creating a Quality, Community-Based Mentoring Program Toolkit.

Quality mentoring is mentoring that produces significant, lasting, positive outcomes for mentees. It is responsible, ethical, effective mentoring. Mentoring programs come in all shapes and sizes but there are some key components that help to ensure quality and that the needs of the mentee, volunteer mentor, organization and community are fulfilled.

Included in the Creating a Quality, Community-Based Mentoring Program Toolkit are key steps to support the development and implementation of a community-based mentoring program.

Working with a unique or diverse community, we have tools and resources for that too.