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The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is Your Mentoring Resource.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is dedicated to the success of mentoring organizations, schools and youth serving organizations across the province. We advance mentoring by offering tools and resources to help organizations start a mentoring program, improve delivery, and recruit/train mentors.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) recognizes the importance of the positive interactions with adults that mentoring provides. Early experiences determine how children fare later in life, starting the process of building a healthy brain through regular, enriching interaction with adults. When adults listen to children’s perspectives and create a sense of belonging, they provide a stable buffer against pressures that can negatively affect children’s development. Because healthy development, particularly brain development, continues through the teenage years, young people of all ages can benefit from having an adult mentor’s responsive, stable, and caring presence in their lives.

Ensuring the wellbeing and healthy development of our youngest citizens is the responsibility of all Albertans; we all depend on each other to build a thriving society. Mentoring a young person is an impactful way to contribute to your community.

Strong, positive relationships with adults can help children and youth build confidence, do well in school, and overcome challenges more readily. Mentors also benefit by developing their communication, time management, and people skills. Find a mentoring opportunity and help our youth!


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“We acknowledge that we are on and support Mentoring for Youth in the traditional territories across Alberta of the many First Nations from Treaty 6,7,& 8, the Métis of the 8 Alberta Settlements, and Inuit people whose footsteps have marked these lands for centuries.”