Learn About Mentoring and Earn University Credit – EDPY 397

Do you want to earn university credits, learn about mentoring, and gain practical experience with children?
EDPY 397: Mentoring Children & Adolescents is a 3 credit course offered by the University of Alberta that gives students an opportunity to make a difference for kids in their community while furthering their own education and real world experience.
The course includes:

  • eight lectures offered on the Edmonton Campus or through distance education between September and December;
  • a minimum of 30 hours spent mentoring a child through a local mentoring agency during the Fall and Winter terms; and
  • guidance from an experienced mentor to guide the student through the experience.

Lectures are offered either face-to-face (Thursday nights 5pm to 8pm) on University of Alberta Edmonton Campus, or online (eight modules that students work though on their own time with the help of an instructor) for students across Alberta.
The course is open to students from ALL FACULTIES, including Open Studies students, Special students, and Auditing students (not registered at the UofA). There are NO PREREQUISITES required and UofA students can use the course as an Education or Open Option.

Click here for step-by-step enrollment instructions for both UofA students and non-UofA students.

For more info please contact Rauno Parrila: rparrila@ualberta.ca.
EDPY 397 University of Alberta Mentoring Children & Adolescents 2015