The Revised Online Orientation for Mentors is Now Available!

The Revised Online Orientation for Mentors is Now Available!

The revised AMP Online Mentor training is a one hour, online course that prepares a new volunteer to start their journey as a Mentor.
As a general practice, many mentoring programs require all of their volunteers who work with youth whether they are in one-on-one relationships or not through this training. It’s a great high-level orientation tool that can help you, again at no-fee! Learn more:
Over 10,000 Alberta mentors have been trained using this tool over the last 5 years. Now, the training has been refreshed and revised taking into account new developments in brain science and adolescent development and has integrated the feedback from front-line mentoring practitioners in schools and community agencies.

  • Individuals interested in formal or informal mentors in individual, group, or school settings.
  • Mentoring agencies to train or refresh mentors and manage expectations of new applicants
  • Youth-serving organizations and schools interested in building leadership and relationship skills
  • As a screening activity for individuals interested in evaluating if mentoring is right for them

This training pairs well with the online training program for mentees also available through the Alberta Mentoring Partnership.

Try the updated online training today:
Download the Getting Started Manual – Online Orientation for Mentors

AMP Online Orientation for Mentors


Do I have to pay or register to use this training?
No. This training is available as one of the no-fee benefits of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership. In exchange for using the training, we ask you to help us mobilize and spread the word about the training, and we may survey you as part of our commitment to continuous improvement in the future. We encourage you, if you are not currently a partner, to learn more about the benefits of our no-fee partnership today at
What technical specifics are required?
It is designed to function on most platforms and browsers. This means that the training is accessible on iPad’s, smart phones, desktops and more. You will need an internet connection. If you experience any issues, please email
If I have completed the previous training, am I eligible to complete this new training?
Of course. There is no limit as to how many times you can complete the training and we encourage you to try it.
What age group is this training targeted towards?
We have age groups ranging from teens and older using this training.
I’m hard of hearing or have accessibility problems?
The training is captioned and a downloadable version is available. If there is another way we can assist, please get in touch with us at
I want more than a sixty minute training. Where can I learn more?
The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is constantly expanding and refreshing our training resources for mentors and mentees in the community. We encourage you to share with us resources or assets that you have found helpful in your mentoring journey and explore the rest of the mentoring training resource available at
What other professional development opportunities are available for Mentors and Agencies?
The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is your mentoring resource. Subscribe to our Newsletter to learn more about upcoming events and learning opportunities, and please download our podcasts to hear previous webinars on important mentoring trends and challenges.
Can I reproduce parts of the training or include it in my own organizational training?
Of course, however we ask that you cite the material and link to our website to ensure the most timely information is available.