Minister of Children’s Services Rebecca Schulz and Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange issued the following statement on International Mentoring Day:

“On Jan. 17, we celebrate International Mentoring Day to thank volunteer mentors for the important difference they make in the lives of children and youth.
“Mentors are caring individuals who help young people develop confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging. Children and youth build resiliency through these relationships, and gain skills they need to reach their full potential and lead happy, full lives. In a recent Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) survey, nearly nine out of 10 mentees said mentoring increased their social skills, and the majority of mentees (81 per cent) said mentoring helped them stay in school.
“The Alberta government is proud to support mentorship in communities and schools across the province through AMP, which receives funding through the ministries of Children’s Services and Education. With more than 170 school and agency members, this partnership helps community organizations provide mentoring opportunities throughout the province. You can find out more about these opportunities by visiting
“As Minister of Children’s Services, I have seen first-hand the way strong mentors can help improve the lives of children and youth who are at risk. We know from experience that mentoring helps kids stay in school and increases their social skills. This International Mentoring Day, I encourage Albertans to explore the many opportunities available to become a mentor and to make a real and positive difference in a young person’s life.
“Thank you to all the volunteer mentors who are already helping young people across the province.”
Rebecca Schulz, Minister of Children’s Services
“I would like to thank the many school authorities across Alberta that support mentoring opportunities for their students. Mentoring can help students develop healthy relationships and create connections — and this is especially important during challenging times when children and youth may feel disconnected.
“While mentoring looks different this year, many schools and community organizations have used creative and safe ways to continue their programs virtually. High school students can also benefit from becoming mentors themselves to support and guide younger students while earning school credits.
“During mentoring month, I encourage Alberta schools to check the available resources to establish or grow mentorship programs, and find out how students can get involved as mentees or mentors by visiting”
Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education