International Mentoring Day: Ministers LaGrange, Schulz

Jan 17, 2020

Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange and Minister of Children’s Services Rebecca Schulz issued the following statement for International Mentoring Day:

“Jan. 17 is International Mentoring Day, on which we recognize the thousands of mentors across the province who play critical roles in the lives of young Albertans every day.

“Mentoring helps young people by strengthening their skills, increasing their self-confidence and expanding their knowledge, while helping them better cope with stress, challenges and life experiences.

“We are proud to support mentoring programs in our communities and schools across the province through funding and ongoing support of the Alberta Mentoring Partnership program.

“Government support for mentorship programs creates opportunities for Indigenous, immigrant and gender-diverse children and youth, as well as those who are vulnerable due to homelessness, justice involvement or child intervention involvement, to have one-on-one support and encouragement from a caring adult. It helps them establish lifelong social and emotional supports in their community. The Government of Alberta has maintained $1.5 million for this program through the Community Partnerships Youth Grant Program. 

“Sometimes, all a child needs is one person who will pick up the phone when they call. That person can be a mentor. For providing that truly invaluable support, we thank all the mentors in Alberta.”

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