Profile Your Individual Mentoring Programs on LinkedIn for Free — Here’s How

Are you an AMP Partner?

Profile Your Individual Mentoring Programs on LinkedIn for Free

We recently announced a new partnership with Linkedin For Good to help you recruit new volunteer mentors and if you are an AMP partner, your mentoring opportunities are already promoted on the find/start a mentoring opportunity page.
Now, AMP has partnered with Linkedin Canada, Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, and the Ontario Mentoring Coalition to post your mentoring opportunities AUTOMATICALLY to Linkedin — no extra effort on the part of your agency. It’s an automatic feed. Click here to see the AMP partner profiles in action on our LinkedIn listings page.
We have now upgraded this functionality, as we also now allow each AMP Partner to submit and list multiple mentoring programs to your profile page on AMP. Essentially each listing is similar to a LinkedIn job posting, but these are volunteering postings that have three pieces: a Program Title, a Program Description and a Mentor Description (what type of mentors are you looking for?).
Update your AMP profile page using the AMP Partner Profile Change Request form and indicate that you want to add a new mentoring program to your listing. Also, while you are at it, please update your overall profile if needed. If you are not already a partner of the AMP, you can apply for partnership here.