Be That Special Person. Be a Mentor (#MentoringMonth Profile)

Welcome to #MentoringMonth 2019 — This year, the AMP is profiling mentoring needs and stories from throughout Alberta. Looking to become a mentor? Search for mentoring programs all over Alberta.

It was not that long ago when we heard the story of a young person who was graduating from postsecondary who wished they had a mentor in their life growing up. This person was listening to all of their classmates speak about the family dinners and celebrations that were to be had after they walked across the stage to receive their honor, but for this young person they had no one celebrating them. They grew up in care and had many paid people in their life but what they really wanted was a special person there for them because they wanted to be.

By becoming a mentor to a youth in care, you could be greatly impacting their life as well as your own.