Week 3 – Thank Your Mentor!

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This week is THANK YOUR MENTOR WEEK and we celebrate the impact that mentors make on young people throughout society and we also pause and reflect on the important role that mentors have played in our own lives.
Who helped you before you were you?

We also want to share with you some of our specialty resources. We know that mentoring already has enormous benefits, but these are further amplified for Girls, Indigenous Youth, Refugee, Immigrant, and Newcomer Youth, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Youth — check out the specialty resources we feature this week.
This week we will be highlighting unique resources each day. Check out our new page layout.


  • #International Day of Mentoring Jan 17th
  • #ThankYourMentor Day Jan 19th


  If you would like to be listed as a Mentoring Champion, please email your photo and a quote to mentoring.support@albertamentors.ca


  • Last week we referred 20 new mentors
  • Last week we had 921 Page views


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