The return you get from developing a friendship with a young person…it is a priceless thing (#MentoringMonth Profile)

Welcome to #MentoringMonth 2019 — This year, the AMP is profiling mentoring needs and stories from throughout Alberta. Looking to become a mentor? Search for mentoring programs all over Alberta.

Mentor Profile – Jolene

“Professionally, I have been involved with the agency for 11 years. Being named media partner of the year for BBBS in 2010 was such a wonderful honour and a testament to my love for the agency and the place it holds in my heart. I only want the best for the agency and it has been something I hold dear to see them succeed and meet goals each and every year.

Volunteering was a way to not only give back and impact the life of a child but it was a way to bring more to my life personally. The return you get from developing a friendship with a young person and see first hand the impact you are making, it is a priceless thing. I was lucky enough to meet my little sister when she was 6 years old (almost 7). So I truly got to be a part of her life and watch her grow into this amazing young woman. (She turns 18 this month! Crazy!) She got to experience massive changes in my life as well and got to watch me become a mom. The relationship evolves over the years as we change but we always have and always will hold each other in a special place in our hearts. She is truly someone I consider to be a family member. You will get just as much if not more out of a mentorship than your little sister or brother ever will.

I have so many memories over the year but the satisfaction of seeing her turn into this incredible adult that will offer so much to the world is incredible. This picture is an oldie but such a great memory as I remember how proud Krysta was when people at school told her they had seen her on TV or in the paper. It was such a special picture for us.”