The Benefits of Mentoring on Health

The Mentoring Effect on Health is a document created by Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada, which highlights that mentoring is beneficial through several broader health outcomes. This improves overall health in ways such as highlighted by the WHO constitution, who say that health is a combination of factors, such as our physical, mental and social well-being.
A part of Health Canada’s mandate is not only to improve the overall broader health and well-being outcome for children, youth and families, but also a contingent on the involvement of a wider range of partnership, because of the complexity of the issues and the need for preventative as well as immediate solutions.
In the Mentoring Effect on Health document, it is stated that Mentoring has a significant impact on proving several broader health outcomes like breaking the cycle of poverty; mental health; obesity and bullying/cyberbullying. By changing the course of young lives, mentoring can change the future of our communities for a better society in which more children, youth and adults can work, play, participate and thrive.
Read more about how mentoring helps by improving the broader health outcomes including whats next – Download the Mentoring Effect on Health PDF 
Mentoring Effect - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada