Tell us Why You Mentor on Social Media and be Entered to Win a Gift Card

It’s #MentoringMonth. Let’s celebrate the start of 2018 with a digital pep rally to recruit more mentors for Alberta’s children and youth.
As a “happy new year” prize, we will be giving away ten $20 Amazon gift cards to be used to support a fun activity for you and your mentees on our three important key dates: #IAmAMentor day (Jan 4th), International Mentoring Day (Jan 17th), and #ThankYourMentor day (Jan 25th) to be sent to you mentoring agency.
Participation is simple:

  1. Tag AMP in your message
    1. Twitter: @albertamentors
    2. Facebook: @albertamentoringpartnership
    3. Instagram: @albertamentors
  2. Use the hashtag #MentoringMonth and post a contribution to the specific event day hashtag #IAmAMentor day (Jan 4th), International Mentoring Day (Jan 17th), or #ThankYourMentor day (Jan 25th) on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Unlimited entries are encouraged!
  3. Follow us on social media so we can DM you if you win!
  4. Not sure what to post? Answer the question: Why did you choose to become a mentor?
  5. If you win, we will send the gift card to your agency to support their important programs!

We’ll retweet and re-post as many entries as we can, so encourage all of your agency and volunteers to contribute!
AMP judges will choose the five most engaging and shared pieces of content, and you will be profiled on our #MentoringMonth Landing page: Prizes will be drawn within a couple days of the key #MentoringMonth dates.

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