START MENTORING – #MentoringMonth Week 2

MentoringMonth 2018 - Stat Mentoring
This week the theme is START MENTORING! Last week you learned about how effective and impactful mentoring is across our lives. This week is focused on signing up as many new mentors as possible: Share our “Become a Mentor” page and challenge your friends, family and coworkers to take the first step towards a caring relationship with a young adult.
First things first: we need your help in amplifying #mentoringmonth to your volunteers, staff, and mentors. Here is a template email that your CEO, ED, or Volunteer Manager could send to your organization:

Dear [your agency mentors and employees here],
We are excited to let you know that we are participating in “#MentoringMonth” — a province-wide celebration and recruitment of mentors just like you in conjunction with the Alberta Mentoring Partnership
We wanted to let you know that we appreciate all that you do for our agency, and everyday you make a difference in the life of a young person in our community.
We also know that the number one source of new volunteers are the friends and family members of current and past mentors. As such, we wanted to ask that you challenge a friend or a family member (anywhere in Alberta) to become a mentor. Click here to see a list of opportunities: (
You can suggest that they volunteer at our agency, but there are lots of other featured partners looking for volunteers.
We also wanted to let you know about all of the different resources, videos, documents, webinars, podcasts and much more posted on— Check it out!
Happy #mentoringmonth! Your efforts change lives and we celebrate each of you as mentoring champions. Please flood social media with your powerful stories on Start Mentoring Day January 9th, and January 11th National Mentoring Month Kick-off Twitter Chat (12pm).
Your Name here
Your agency here


Subscribe, friend and tweet out all of our content this month. This is our one big push for the year so let’s make it count! Help AMPlify our voice in your local community and through your social media!
Host your own local mentoring month event and tell us about it
Share your own stories with us on social media, sign up as a featured partner, or nominate 5 friends as Mentors!


If you would like to be listed as a Mentoring Champion, please email your photo and a quote to
Thank you to @CFS_Calgary for sharing this on #IamaMentor day!

Thank you to @dukeofedAB for sharing this on #IamaMentor day!

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