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What is the Teen Mentoring Toolkit?

The Teen Mentoring Toolkit is a no-cost online resource that provides schools and community agencies with the opportunity to build or enhance quality mentoring programs. Teen Mentoring engages junior and high school aged youth as mentors to younger students in creating a welcoming, caring, respectful and safe community through positive mentoring relationships.
Designed in collaboration between the Society for Safe & Caring Schools & Communities and the Alberta Mentoring Partnership, the toolkit identifies research-informed and evidence- based practices, strategies and tools for planning, implementing and evaluating a quality teen mentoring program.

What are the benefits of teen mentoring programs?

Teen mentoring programs are growing in popularity in schools and communities across Alberta. Positive outcomes for teen mentors, younger mentees and school communities that result from these programs include:

  • Increased connection and sense of belonging to the school and community;
  • Increased self-esteem;
  • Enhanced problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution skills; • Improved academic motivation and achievement;
  • Strengthened relationships with family and peers; and
  • Improved social skills and behaviour.

How is the Teen Mentoring Toolkit used?

This user-friendly and accessible resource provides access to evidence-based practices to support the development of high quality mentoring programs that impact positive change for students and the broader school community. School and community staff can access the online toolkit to create, inform and support their Teen Mentoring program. Each section contains tools that can be adapted to their environment and program design.

“Building positive relationships with kids so they feel connected and that they belong is one of the most valuable things we can do for them. This toolkit equips program staff to do just that! It is extremely user friendly and makes starting a mentoring program very doable.”
– Pilot participant

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