AMP August 2015 Newsletter

Learn About Mentoring and Earn University Credit – EDPY 397

Do you want to earn university credits, learn about mentoring, and gain practical experience with children?
EDPY 397: Mentoring Children & Adolescents is a 3 credit course offered by the University of Alberta that gives students an opportunity to make a difference for kids in their community while furthering their own education and real world experience.
The course includes:

  • eight lectures offered on the Edmonton Campus or through distance education between September and December;
  • a minimum of 30 hours spent mentoring a child through a local mentoring agency during the Fall and Winter terms; and
  • guidance from an experienced mentor to guide the student through the experience.

For more info please contact Rauno Parrila: or click here to learn more.

Tool Highlight: Online Mentee Training

The Online Mentee Training is a resource designed to introduce the concept of mentoring to children. Through the training an adult mentor avatar guides children through the roles and characteristics of a mentor, examples of mentoring relationships, stages of a relationship, goal setting, match closure, child safety, boundaries, strengths, and a general description of mentoring programs. This tool is suitable for a variety of programs and organizations.