Help AMP Profile Your Program This June (Free Marketing Opportunity)

June is an exciting time of year for the mentoring community as we celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.
The AMP wants to profile your programs and celebrate the difference you make for young people. Whether you are a school partner that ran a new mentoring program this year, or a community agency that is celebrating 10 years of relationships, we want to inspire others with your example.
Would you like to be profiled in this free marketing opportunity? It’s easy:

That’s it!
We will do the digital magic and make sure that your story is captured and shared to government, on social media, and of course, all of the graphics and content we create will be returned to you to include in your own annual reports, send as a thank you note to donors, contribute to your marketing and promotional materials, or to post on your fridge!
Get ready to be inspired this June with the phenomenal stories of lives being changed across Alberta
Happy Mentoring!