Keep Up The #MentoringMonth Momentum All Year Long

This week is the conclusion of #MentoringMonth, but thanks to your contributions, many new mentors and mentees are starting a new relationship in a group or paired match– it’s just the beginning!
Thank you for sharing your stories, hosting events, recruiting new volunteer mentors, and spread the word.
Thank you to MENTOR – The National Mentoring Partnership and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada for supporting and growing #MentoringMonth
Don’t stop now. Use the mentor month tools (including the media releases and media list) to garner support all year long in your friend-raising and fundraising.

Here’s a sample of a few great #MentoringMonth stories in the news:

Thank Your Mentor Day 2018 AMP

January 25th 2018: #ThankYourMentor Day

Remember, a rising tide lifts all ships. By promoting mentoring and your work, you inspire other readers and volunteers across Alberta!

Here’s how you can keep in touch and step up your mentoring game all year long:

  • Consider a no-fee partnership in the AMP for your agency or school. Become a partner.
  • Join our AMP Learning Community of Practice and learn more about research, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization. Attend our webinar on February 5th, 2018.
  • Reach out to the AMP staff team, join the AMP Marketing and Communication or another committee, and help grow mentoring across Alberta. We are here to support you in overcoming your challenges and growing your mentoring programs. You can reach out to Partner Engagement Manager, Michael Janz, anytime at 780-288-9866 or meet with us in person if you are passing through Edmonton.


Learning Community of Practice - Alberta Mentoring Partnership

WEBINAR: Exploring made-in-Alberta opportunities for Research, Evaluation, and Knowledge Mobilization in mentoring

We are excited to invite you to a webinar with the Chair of our AMP Research, Evaluation, & Knowledge Mobilization Priority leader, Robyn Blackadar.

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