While we didn't host a National Mentoring Symposium in 2018, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership in conjunction with the Faculty of Extension (U of A) and the Community University Partnership were excited to host AMP Learning Day 2018! A learning day specifically themed around research, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization— with a focus on tangible, pragmatic tactics you can take home to make immediate program improvements and achieve better outcomes for youth!

Videos from AMP Learning Day 2018

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AMP Learning Community of Practice

Together, we are building a mentoring research, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization community of Practice. We invite you to participate and share, even if you are outside of Alberta. Everyone is invited to participate, whether if you are a mentor, a program practitioner, or curious citizen!

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While we will not be hosting a National Mentoring Symposium in 2018, our goal is to provide two catalyst learning opportunities:

AMP Learns Webinar Series: we will be hosting a series of learning webinars, streamed towards topics such as evaluation, research, and much more.

AMP Learning Forum: If there is sufficient interest, we will be building towards hosting a learning forum, a in-person session, likely in Edmonton/Calgary/Red Deer. Please sign up and indicate your interest here.

We want to hear from you: what are the big mentoring questions that are challenging you. You are not alone, and we want to help connect you with resources you need to be successful. We expect that in return, you will share your experiences, engage with us, and be an active participant in our community!

Webinar Topics Could Include

  • What is quality research?
  • What is quality evaluation?
  • How can research inform practice?
  • Where to begin?
  • How can you evaluate yourself?
  • From evaluation to adaptation?
  • Conducting Qualitative Research?
  • Conducting Quantitative Research?
  • Reflective practice approach (embedding in own work)

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