MentoringMinute: AMP Celebrates Big Brothers Big Sisters Month

MentoringMinute September 2018
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“We did a cross-Canada roadtrip this summer capturing stories from matches of all walks of life. One thing is clear: the impact of having a mentor in a young person’s life is unparalleled. And right now, there is a young person in your community waiting for you to believe in them.” — Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

AMP Celebrates Big Brothers Big Sisters Month

When one agency or program thrives, we all thrive. Most importantly: Young people thrive.
Across Canada September is Big Brothers Big Sisters Month and September Tuesday, Sptember 18th is Big Brothers Big Sisters day across Canada. We know that the work of thousands of Big Brothers and Big Sisters have helped young people thrive, and for that we celebrate their successes.
WWe are grateful for the numrous contributions Big Brothers Big Sisters has made to the Alberta Mentoring Partnership. From lending us our AMP Co-Chair Liz O’Neill from the Edmonton agency, to volnteers for committees, research, and actions from across Alberta, we are thankful that the BBBS Movement in Alberta has lent generously of their time talent and treasure in support of the tools and resources of the mentoring movment.
Let’s keep growing! Big Brothers Big Sisters is only available in certain communities in Alberta. That means we need to support new and improve community based mentoring programs through our START A COMMUNITY BASED MENTORING PROGAM TOOLKIT or our FRAMEWORK FOR BUILDING MENTORING RELATIONSHIPS IN SCHOOLS.
Recently the AMP team had chance to capture a few of these fantastic mentors on video. They are twenty seconds each so take a moment and vote now! What is your favourite? Tell us with your “likes” and “retweets”
If you are celebrating a birthday or milestone that we can AMPlify, send us an email and let us know how we can celebrate your successes!

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Big Brothers Big Sisters on another successful BBBS Month #ImagineBBBS. Get involved!

Get Started Mentoring Today – Because it Make a Difference in a Kids Life!

What are Some Fun Activities with Mentors and Mentees?

What is Being a Mentor Like?

What’s Being a Mentor Like? It’s a Fun Commitment!

Mentoring Program Insurance 101 With Doug Tweddle Webinar

REGISTER NOW for “Are You Covered? Mentoring Program Insurance 101”

October 26th, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM MDT
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oin Doug Tweddle for an interview with the AMP team and an exclusive Q&A to ask your questions about insurance.
All mentoring programs undertake substantial risk simply due to the nature of the services being provided. A program has a duty of care to its participants, and could be held liable if harm comes to a child, youth or volunteer as a result of accident, injury or abuse. As such, every mentoring program requires some sort of liability insurance.
Are you covered? In many cases, one of the partners working to deliver the program will have a comprehensive policy that covers the risks associated with that program.
Things to consider in your insurance coverage:

  • Transporting mentees
  • What activities are covered?
  • Are volunteers covered?
  • How are employees insured?
  • How is fundraising covered? Does it require separate coverage
  • Is the board or advisory group covered? Consider Directors and Officers liability coverage
  • Consider coverage for crime, property damage, wrongful dismissal, tenants liability coverage

Depending on your partners and the scope and nature of your program you may want to carry a comprehensive insurance policy that minimizes liability for the organization as whole, board members, staff, volunteers and clients. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to
minimize risks through screening, training and on-going supervision and to seek legal or professional advice about sufficient coverage before you begin to implement your program. Call a reputable insurance agency to explore your insurance needs.
(*Note: This webinar is for informational purposes only. The Alberta Mentoring Partnership (AMP) does not endorse or have an insurance broker of choice and we encourage you to call a reputable insurance agency to explore your insurance needs.)


We invite you to join our second….Are you looking at exploring innovative ways to recruit volunteers, fundraise, and grow your mentoring program?
Thursday September 27th 1-2PM
To RSVP Here: E-Mail Michal Janz – with your name, agency and position.
Dial in, share your story and participate in a “share and care” with other marketing professionals in the mentoring community.

  • Introductions/guest presentations/sharing
  • 60 second Environment Scan:
    • What is something you would like to celebrate in your program/agency
    • What is a stress that you are encountering?
  • What is an opportunity on the horizon?
  •  Responses:
    • A chance to respond to the above with other members on the call.

Not sure what to share? Themes could include celebrating diversity, volunteer recruitment, trends, tactics, tools, etc for promoting mentoring, friendraising and fundraising. Making Program to program connections will be key to building regional capacity and establishing local relationships, especially for the rural and remote.