A Framework for Building Mentoring Relationships in Schools

This framework is a resource for schools and school authorities that want to implement a mentoring initiative for children and youth who could benefit from being involved in a mentoring relationship.

This framework includes:

  • an overview of possible approaches and models of school-based mentoring relationships
  • an outline of benefits for different models of mentoring
  • a list of resources to support in-school mentoring relationships
  • sample templates for planning a school-based mentoring initiative.
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We know according to 2016 Population Lab Research on Alberta youth, 81% of mentees said mentoring helped them stay in school. Mentoring in Schools and supports welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments, high school completion and positive mental health. If your school is not utilizing mentoring as a strategy, or if you are looking to expand and enhance your offerings, check out our tools and resources for schools and agencies.

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