Mentoring Refugee, Immigrant & Newcomer Children and Youth Resource Showcase – Episode 12

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Download the resource here: Download the PowerPoint Presentation Are you struggling to engage and recruit new cultural communities, mentors, and youth? Are you considering piloting new programs or initiatives to spread the impact of mentoring to cultural communities? We have a new resource for you! AMP Cultural Consultant Alex Abboud will be showcasing our new resource “Mentoring Refugee, Immigrant, …

Fundraising Feature: engaging your sponsors and donors — making them count – Episode 11

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Fundraising is essential to the sustainability of our mentoring programs. Join special guest Danisha Bhaloo, Fund development manager with Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton for a midsummer webinar to get you ready for the fall. Danisha is a veteran Fundraiser, a mentor, and recognized as one of the “Top 40 under 40” in Edmonton: …

Episode 10 - Mentoring can help all youth grow their Natural Supports

Mentoring can help all youth grow their Natural Supports – Episode 10

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New research published by the Change Collective in Calgary, (co-funded by the Burns Fund and the United Way of Calgary and area, with a number of agency partners and co-authors including Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary & Area) provides a framework for enhancing natural supports as a critical lever in promoting healthy youth development. Within the mentoring movement we talk …

Mentoring in 2020 and What we Need to Get There – Episode 9

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Great News! The Alberta Mentoring Partnership has just been funded for and approved a strategic plan for the next three year cycle of our work. That means you can look forward to continued services and supports as we work together to expand and enhance mentoring across Alberta. Reading strategic plans alone in your office can be dry. Instead, we invite …


Expand Your Mentoring Program With Corporate Partners – Episode 8

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Are you interested in taking your corporate partnerships to the next level? Are you interested in how to get a corporate mentoring program started with a partner in your community? Are you interested in growing your relationship with existing partners but not sure where to begin? For this webinar we have brought together a Mentoring Agency, A Bank and a …

Mentoring Youth in Care in Alberta

MENTORING Youth in Care in Alberta – Episode 7

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In this episode of the mentoring Minute we speak with four expert youth in care mentoring practitioners: Jenni Carrier – Big Brother Big Sisters of Calgary Brianna Berthaume – Youth and Volunteer Centre Red Deer Krista Allan – Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton Joey Shaughnessy –  Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of …


Tips & Tricks for Mentoring Refugee Youth: An Interview with Joey Jalal Syrian Mentoring Program Leader – Episode 6

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In this next podcast episode, we sat down with Joey Jalal from the Multicultural Health Brokers who leads the Multicultural Youth Mentorship and Leadership Program. He nurtures community engagement. If you are struggling with how to support cultural outreach in your community and how to get started with a mentoring program, this podcast is for you. For such a young …


Faith Based Mentoring with Donnovan Karber – Episode 5

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If you are part of a faith organization and are interested in or wanting to start a mentoring program of your own then you will find this conversation very beneficial. Listen to our conversation with Donnovan Karber, the National Field Director for the Christian Association of Youth Mentoring, which is an umbrella organization for Churches and Faith organizations through the …


A Mentor and his story: the Importance of Mentoring – Episode 4

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Eric is an award-winning, long-time Mentor, who has been involved with mentoring for many years. Becoming a Mentor through some nudging from a supportive friend, Eric has been a Mentor to many and still has contact with his first Mentee, even after 35 years. Listen to Eric’s story and learn about his story on the importance mentoring and how it …

Episode 3 - National Mentoring Symposium 2016 Mentoring Minute

The National Mentoring Symposium 2016 – Episode 3

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Wouldn’t it be great to get together with other mentoring professionals who are delivering programs for youth? And wouldn’t it be great to brainstorm opportunities where you can learn about new programs, improve your practice, and sharpen your service delivery? What if that conference was right here in Alberta this fall? Visit and register now. Early Bird registration end September …