Episode 10 - Mentoring can help all youth grow their Natural Supports

Mentoring can help all youth grow their Natural Supports – Episode 10

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Episode 10 - Mentoring can help all youth grow their Natural Supports

New research published by the Change Collective in Calgary, (co-funded by the Burns Fund and the United Way of Calgary and area, with a number of agency partners and co-authors including Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary & Area) provides a framework for enhancing natural supports as a critical lever in promoting healthy youth development. Within the mentoring movement we talk about re-framing the perception of mentoring from a “nice to have” to a “need to have” support in a young person’s life. This work emphasizes the importance of strong relationships in supporting young people– mirroring much of the important natural mentoring research we have seen emphasized by Dubois & Karcher in the Handbook of Youth Mentoring (Second Edition).

Mentoring programs can act as a bridging tie– a relationship multiplier– that can be essential to helping youth identify natural supports in their lives, and build their social capital.

On this webinar we are very fortunate to have Melissa Innes, one of the writers of the report as well as Cynthia Wild, Director of Service Delivery with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area.

Learn more: https://albertamentors.ca/6452/mentoring-helps-vulnerable-youth-enhance-natural-supports/

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