Nerd’s Corner: A Short Guide to Evaluative Thinking – Episode 19

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Nerd’s Corner: A Short Guide to Evaluative Thinking - Episode 19

Nerd’s Corner A Short Guide to Evaluative Thinking - MentoringMinute PodcastNerd’s Corner: A Short Guide to Evaluative Thinking:

Jason Daniels joins us from the Evaluation Capacity Network and the Community University Partnership to share with us all about how we can use evaluative thinking in our work to improve our programs, policies and practices to enhance positive outcomes for children and youth.

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Nerd's Corner_Evaluative Thinking on the MentoringMinute Podcast

Show Notes:

  • Jason Daniels, the Community-University Partnership and the Evaluation Capacity Network
  • Evaluative Thinking: What is it? How do you do it? Why do it?
  • Evaluative resource suggestions
  • Uh oh…the evaluator is coming!
  • We are all evaluators — evaluation in our day-to-day
  • Evaluative thinking (ET) mindset — How do we know what we think we know?
  • Is evaluation just “common sense”?
  • Conventional Evaluation – What is the evidence that will lead to the outcome I’m looking for?
  • Evaluative mindset — make decisions based on the based data possible
  • How do we filter through all of the information to take out the useful bits of the avalanche opf information we are exposed too
  • Evaluation through failure
  • Evaluation question examples
  • Evaluating worth or value
  • Keep a personal reflection journal
  • Noticing discrepancies
  • Cycles of learning
  • Tools to support evaluative thinking
  • Making decisions based on evaluation can be the best decisions we can make

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