Mentoring in 2020 and What we Need to Get There – Episode 9

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Mentoring in 2020 and What we Need to Get There - Episode 9

Great News! The Alberta Mentoring Partnership has just been funded for and approved a strategic plan for the next three year cycle of our work. That means you can look forward to continued services and supports as we work together to expand and enhance mentoring across Alberta.

Reading strategic plans alone in your office can be dry. Instead, we invite you to tune into an interactive podcast derived from our webinar with the AMP team where we walk you through some of the key actions we will be taking to support you in your work. We will also be covering our “Help Wanted” section where we have specific initiatives where we need your help.

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership exists because of you, the partners, and the work that you do. We expand and enhance mentoring with your support, your suggestions, your engagement and your participation. Our partnership is only as strong as our engagement with you.

Let’s work together to strengthen the Mentoring Movement Across Canada

Important Topics Covered on Mentoring in 2020 and What we Need to Get There: Unveiling the AMP Strategic Plan

  • An (re)introduction to the Provincial Coordination Team & our roles
  • The AMP Strategic Plan 2017-2020
  • A brief overview of how you can engage in the Alberta Mentoring Partnership
  • Questions/Feedback

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