Tips & Tricks for Mentoring Refugee Youth: An Interview with Joey Jalal Syrian Mentoring Program Leader – Episode 6

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Refugee Mentoring
Refugee Mentoring
Tips & Tricks for Mentoring Refugee Youth: An Interview with Joey Jalal Syrian Mentoring Program Leader - Episode 6

episode-6-tips-tricks-for-mentoring-refugee-youth-an-interview-with-joey-jalal-syrian-mentoring-program-leader-mentoring-minuteIn this next podcast episode, we sat down with Joey Jalal from the Multicultural Health Brokers who leads the Multicultural Youth Mentorship and Leadership Program. He nurtures community engagement.

If you are struggling with how to support cultural outreach in your community and how to get started with a mentoring program, this podcast is for you. For such a young man, Joey has a lot of life in his years— he himself was a refugee youth who through mentoring has flourished in life and academics, leads mentoring programs in Edmonton and has even volunteered in a Syrian Refugee camp with the United Nations.

Joey gave many tangible, tips and helpful perspectives. His front-line perspective as a leader working with Syrian youth provides many valuable reflections and considerations for your programming.

As an added benefit, the Multicultural Health Brokers in partnership with the Centre for Race and Culture are hosting workshops around Alberta. Invite them to your community today!


Multi Cultural Health Brokers Website:

Joey covers a ton of important subjects:

  • 0:00 – Introducing Joey from the Multi Cultural Health Brokers
  • 00:43 – Travelling to a refugee camp
  • 01:46 – Some of the greatest areas of need for refugee youth when they get to Canada
  • 03:10 – How are refugee youth similar to the youth in Canada
  • 4:28 – The difference between inter-cultural mentoring as opposed to general cultural mentoring
  • 5:36 – Where to find mentors for your refugee mentoring programs
  • 6:47 – Who are the Multicultural Health Brokers
  • 7:32 – Advice for organizations who want to support refugee youth
  • 8:35 – Tips for  someone starting a cultural mentoring program
  • 10:36 – Examples of finding key partners
  • 11:56 – Advice for dealing the parents of immigrant or refugee children when setting up a program
  • 14:01 – Working with individuals from different backgrounds
  • 15:41 – Programming targeted specifically at boys or girls or mixed groups
  • 16:44 – Should cultural communities start something through a group approach
  • 18:53 – How to start your own group program…where to begin recruiting volunteers and support
  • 20:26 – Finding support for funding your program
  • 21:24 – What does the word assimilate or ideas of integration mean for Joey
  • 24:37 – Helping parents through helping the kids
  • 25:50 – Being proactive to more  Syrian refugees coming to Canada and our Province
  • 28:59 – What are some successful program ideas
  • 31:57  – What’s the future of mentoring
  • 31:48 – Joey’s additional thoughts on mentoring refugee youth
  • 36:09 – Some misconceptions Canadians have about Syrian newcomers
  • 39:28 – What does trauma informed practice mean
  • 42:32 – Dealing with cultural distrust of formal authority

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