Mentoring Refugee, Immigrant & Newcomer Children and Youth Resource Showcase – Episode 12

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Refugee Mentoring
Refugee Mentoring
Mentoring Refugee, Immigrant & Newcomer Children and Youth Resource Showcase - Episode 12


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Are you struggling to engage and recruit new cultural communities, mentors, and youth? Are you considering piloting new programs or initiatives to spread the impact of mentoring to cultural communities? We have a new resource for you!

AMP Cultural Consultant Alex Abboud will be showcasing our new resource “Mentoring Refugee, Immigrant, Newcomer, Children and Youth.

Learn about best practices and new ideas from other Mentoring agencies across Alberta. The content included in the resource came from you — our partners — through focus groups, digital surveys, and conversations with our researcher. In addition to program templates such as Conversation Clubs and Homework Clubs, we also will have tips on recruitment, retention, working with families, and much more.

The Webinar will be one hour and be a high-level overview of the resources and point you and your staff to places where you can find more information. It will be very tangible and actionable for you on a mentor and a program level.

Stay tuned! in the process of mobilizing this resource we will have other engagement opportunities — including professional development sessions available in your community!

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