Learnings from the Circle Project with Stacey Dakin – Episode 23

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AMP Learning Day 2018
AMP Learning Day 2018
Learnings from the Circle Project with Stacey Dakin - Episode 23

Learnings from the Circle Project with Stacey Dakin

AMP Learning Day 2018: Learnings from the Circle Project with Stacey Dakin

Join us as Stacey Dakin, the Circle Project Manager, leads us through a presentation on program design, training considerations and program evaluation.

Originally titled, “Mentoring for Change, Mentoring for Good”, the Circle Project is a partnership between BBBSC and three member agencies, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Grand Erie, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon, Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton and Area. This five-year pilot project was initiated in 2016 striving to impact 700 youth through community-based enhanced 1:1 mentoring programs, augmented with structured group mentoring. The target group for this project are young people, aged 10-18, who are at a higher risk or in more vulnerable situations due to the systemic barriers and adverse conditions present in their lives.

This collaborative provides the additional guidance and support the mentored youth in this project require so that the adverse life experiences they face can be reduced and the potential future risks avoided. The young people engaged in this project have increased opportunity to reach their potential in their own lives and in how they influence the lives of others – all through the impact of mentorship.

While we didn’t host a National Mentoring Symposium in 2018, the Alberta Mentoring Partnership in conjunction with the Faculty of Extension (U of A) and the Community University Partnership were excited to host AMP Learning Day 2018! A learning day specifically themed around research, evaluation, and knowledge mobilization— with a focus on tangible, pragmatic tactics you can take home to make immediate program improvements and achieve better outcomes for youth!

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