Mark Cabaj: ‘Evaluating Complex Community-Based Initiatives: Emerging Practices’

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Mark Cabaj: 'Evaluating Complex Community-Based Initiatives: Emerging Practices'

On today’s episode to the Alberta Mentoring Partnership Mentoring Minute Podcast, we feature a special cross-promotion of Mark Cabaj’s June 3rd, 2019 public lecture at the Art Gallery of Alberta called “Evaluating Complex Community-Based Initiatives: Emerging Practices” recorded by our friends at the Evaluation Capacity Network.

If you don’t know Mark, you want to know Mark. He’s worked across Canada with the Tamarack Institute and many others as a leading voice in evaluation and knowledge mobilization. He’s an expert in complex systems and understands our challenges.

More and more we are talking about how our mentoring work is a part of the complexity that is the world serving youth, and our outcomes can be affected by so many other competing factors going on in a young person’s life. Mark helps us unpack complexity, and I think that for any of you who are taking a moment to evaluate and reflect on how your program went this June and are looking ahead to the fall, you will want to take the hour to listen to Mark and think about your theory of change, your own strategic plan, and your personal program objectives.

Thanks to the Evaluation Capacity Network for allowing us to cross-post this episode.

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