Welcome to the AMP MentoringMinute Podcast – Episode 1

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Welcome to the AMP MentoringMinute Podcast - Episode 1

Episode 1- Welcome to the AMP Podcast

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is an organization comprised of 140+ partners from government, community, and non-profit organizations. We take a collective impact approach to our work and we focus on a few key areas including promoting mentorship in Alberta and providing tools, training, and resources to front line mentoring staff to improve their programs and their practice. Learn more at albertamentors.ca

Register for the National Mentoring Symposium: nmsevent.ca

Not a Partner or Know of Someone who should? Partner up: info@albertamentors.ca or visit https://albertamentors.ca/for-mentoring-organizations/application-for-partnership/ to learn more and apply as a partner.

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Learn more at albertamentors.ca

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