Mentoring as an early intervention: A proactive approach to youth homelessness with David French, A Way Home

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Alberta Mentoring Partnership
Mentoring as an early intervention: A proactive approach to youth homelessness with David French, A Way Home

Did you know that your youth mentoring program actually acts as a protective factor against youth homelessness? In addition to the multitude of other positive academic and social outcomes that a quality mentoring relationship provides, the role of a mentor in growing natural supports and resilience in a young person was identified as an important Early Intervention in the recently released “ROADMAP FOR THE PREVENTION OF YOUTH HOMELESSNESS.”

Join Director of Policy and Planning with A Way Home, David French, to learn more about how your mentoring contributes to a proactive approach to preventing and ending youth homelessness, how common outcomes can be valuable in helping all of us advance our work and the roadmap.

The Roadmap for the Prevention of Youth Homelessness is designed to help service providers, policymakers, communities, advocates, researchers, and all people in Canada better understand the meaning of youth homelessness prevention. It provides a clear definition of youth homelessness prevention, a prevention typology, and a common language for policy and practice, outlining:

  • What is youth homelessness prevention, and what isn’t it?
  • Who is responsible for youth homelessness prevention?
  • What are systems approaches to prevention?
  • What program models and interventions exist?
  • What is the evidence for youth homelessness prevention?

The Roadmap is a useful guide to why and how prevention can contribute to a comprehensive system’s response to youth homelessness, detailing evidence-based and informed program models that can help communities and governments implement plans to prevent and end youth homelessness. The Roadmap has been directly informed by consultations with youth across Canada, who have experienced homelessness. To reform our response to youth homelessness, it is critical that youths’ voices, experiences, and insights are the cornerstone of the work.

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