#MentoringMonth Week 4 🏤 Mentoring Makes the Difference…in Schools!

This January, as part of #mentoringmonth we are highlighting the importance and impact of mentoring in schools. We know according to 2016 Population Lab Research on Alberta youth, 81% of mentees said mentoring helped them stay in school. Through the simple act of spending time with children and youth, mentoring improves youth mental health, engagement, attendance, and success in and beyond school. Mentoring also been linked to improved high school completion. These benefits apply to both the mentee and teen mentors. School-based mentoring can leverage teen or adult mentors as targeted interventions for certain students, and as a way of developing a school-wide or multi-school communities of belonging and support.

If your school is interested in mentoring as a strategy, check out our tools and resources for schools and agencies:

Framework for Building Mentoring Relationships in Schools:
This framework is a resource for schools and school authorities that want to implement a mentoring initiative for children and youth who could benefit from being involved in a mentoring relationship. This framework includes (Download the Framework for Mentoring Relationships in Schools):

  • an overview of possible approaches and models of school-based mentoring relationships
  • an outline of benefits for different models of mentoring
  • a list of resources to support in-school mentoring relationships
  • sample templates for planning a school-based mentoring initiative.

Alberta Teachers’ Association mentoring workshop:
This workshop will provide school leaders with foundational information on mentoring research and models, possible implementation strategies, and resource references to assist them in the development or enhancement of youth mentoring programs.  This workshop was developed through a collaboration between The Alberta Mentoring Partnership and The Alberta Teachers Association. For information on accessing this workshop for your school or district, contact: Jeff B Johnson Executive Staff Officer, Professional Development Jeff.Johnson@ata.ab.ca / T 780-447-9400 or 1-800-232-7208

High school students make great mentors to younger kids. Give them the right tools and training to help them interact with younger children in positive ways that promote healthy development. This 3-resource toolkit helps students step into leadership roles as mentors.
Download the new revision

Teen Mentoring Toolkit:
This toolkit identifies key areas for consideration as well as evidence-based practices, strategies and tools for planning, implementing and evaluating a quality teen mentoring program. The information can be adapted by youth-serving organizations partnering with a school or running a teen mentoring program within a community-based setting. (Download the Teen mentoring Toolkit).
Alberta Education’s introductory video and conversation guide
Alberta Education has produced a fantastic video and conversation guide for you to show to your school community and garner support for building a school mentoring program.
and the conversation guide can be found here – https://education.alberta.ca/media/3693642/mentoring_video_conversation_guide.pdf

It’s time to start a youth mentoring program in your school or community… and the Alberta Mentoring Partnership is here to help

Mentoring in Schools

Mentoring is the presence of a caring individual who provides a child or youth with support, friendship and advice. Mentoring has been shown to increase students’ sense of belonging and engagement at school. – Alberta Education
Learn more at the Alberta Education mentoring Overview

January 25th is #ThankYourMentor Day. What better way to say “Thank YOU” to the people who mentored you, by becoming a mentor or starting a mentoring program yourself?

80% of Albertans 18-24 wished they had a mentor when they were younger.
Start 2018 by changing a young person’s life. Become a mentor.

#MentoringMonth in the News

Mentoring Month has sparked some exciting buzz throughout the province and we’d like to share some pieces with you. If you have any exciting news to share with us, please send us a message. You can also send you local media a press release letting them know about your great programs and Mentoring Month. You can find a free press release template along with media contacts throughout the province in the Mentoring Month Toolkit.

January marked as month for mentoring

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Mentoring Partnership providing new opportunities for women & girls

Hon. Minister McLean, Minister of the Status of Women speaks to the importance of mentoring.

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