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Professional Development Opportunity: Brain Story Certification

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Free Online Professional Development Opportunity: Brain Story Certification We are excited to introduce you to one of our newest Builder Partners, Alberta Family Wellness Institute, and share with you a very important professional development opportunity available for all members of your organization. One of the most popular speakers at the 2016 NMS was Nancy Mannix (learn more) who spoke about …

Big Brothers Big Sisters Month Canada 2017

Celebrating Mentoring Through Big Brothers Big Sisters Month in Canada

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada are launching a national celebration of Mentoring this September to celebrate Big Brothers Big Sisters Month. Their campaign content celebrates the impact of mentoring, is emotionally powerful and easily sharable — Check it out here. The campaign will be a month-long celebration of Mentoring, marked by key anniversaries such as “Big Brothers Big Sisters Day” …

Engaging & Empowering: How to Become an Effective Mentor for Vulnerable Youth

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Register now for the Free Online Vulnerable Youth Mentor Training for your Staff and Mentors: This 9-module course is designed for people interested in mentoring vulnerable youth by helping them build resilience and overcome barriers. The course will sensitize you to the issues facing vulnerable youth and equip you with effective tools to use when working with your mentee. …

Make Canada 150 Count

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Partnerships are essential to supporting Mentoring. We are thankful for all of the partners of the AMP who champion mentoring in their work and in our communities. For example, We are very happy to have Ryan Stasynec on our Leadership Team who was previously our youth rep and is now a community partner on behalf of the Royal Bank of …

Mentoring At a Glance: Unveiling the 2016 Population Lab Research Report

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Thanks to the fantastic work of PolicyWise and the Population Lab Laboratory at the University of Alberta, we are excited to unveil Mentoring At A Glance: University of Alberta Population Lab Research on Mentoring for 2016. We encourage you to download and share the full report (Mentoring at a Glance_2016 Alberta Population Lab Survey Final Report – April 2017) This report provides you …

Mentoring helps Vulnerable Youth Enhance Their Natural Supports

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New research published by the Change Collective in Calgary, (co-funded by the Burns Fund and the United Way of Calgary and area, with a number of agency partners and co-authors including Big Brothers Big Sisters Calgary & Area) provides a framework for enhancing natural supports as a critical lever in promoting healthy youth development. Within the mentoring movement we talk about reframing the …

#MentoringMonth Week 2 – Start Mentoring!

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This week the theme is START MENTORING! Last week you learned about how effective and impactful mentoring is across our lives. This week is focused on signing up as many new mentors as possible: Try our mentor nomination form and nominate a friend or co-worker? First things first: we need your help in amplifying #mentoringmonth to your volunteers, staff, and …

“Paper Tigers” – Documentary on Adverse Childhood Experiences Panel

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Visiting teachers from Lincoln High School in Walla Walla Washington were in Alberta to meet and share ideas on how adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s) and trauma informed practices have made an impact on a student population. Featured in the Paper Tigers documentary the film asked the questions:  What does it mean to be a trauma informed school? And, how do …

AMP Co-Chair Elizabeth O’Neill

AMP Co-Chair Elizabeth O’Neill to Receive Honorary Degrees from UAlberta During Fall Convocation Ceremonies

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The Alberta Mentoring Partnership is very pleased to announce that one of Alberta’s innovative and passionate mentoring leaders, Liz O’Neill is to be recognized with an Honorary Doctorate in Laws from the University of Alberta on November 16,2016 as part of the University’s fall convocation. Liz  currently serves as the Executive Director of Boys and Girls Club Big Brothers Big …


How can we achieve healthier outcomes for children and families through brain science-infused policy development?

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The Change in Mind initiative (Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (Palix)) have put out an excellent policy brief on how to use a brain science-infused lens in policy development. This document succinctly addresses big questions such as: What it takes to build healthy brains A reminder it is never too late for interventions (like …