Giving thanks for the helpers: we are needed now more than ever.

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In the fairly near future, many of the children entering your local school will become your neighbours, colleagues, and eventually, future caregivers. Every day you are given another opportunity to help determine what kind of future we will share. We have been through boom and bust times before, floods, fires, and crises. We have a strong Alberta tradition of standing up for one another in …

Two Exciting Leadership Opportunities for Your Staff.

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Relationships are developmental when they help young people discover who they are, develop abilities to shape their own lives, and learn how to engage with and contribute to the world around them. A Spark is the hidden flame inside every young person that taps into their true passions, talents, skills, and dreams. This workshop helps you be intentional and strategic …

Rethinking Newcomer Volunteer Recruitment: Reviewing Roadblocks to Newcomer Volunteer Recruitment

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Volunteer Canada shared this excellent blog post about engaging newcomers to Canada in volunteer opportunities, which made us think about our mentoring recruitment practices. There are many unique opportunities to engage newcomers, immigrants, and refugees as mentors. If you have not done so already, please check out our toolkit on Mentoring Immigrant Refugee Newcomer Children and Youth here. Volunteer Canada had …

Let’s Talk Masculinity — Tips For Mentors

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“Supporting young people in exploring gender and navigating difference is an essential part of preparing them for an increasingly complex, global, interconnected society and workforce.”  MENTOR has recently released a new guide: “Conversations about Masculinity: How Mentors Can Support Young Men of Color” What do healthy expressions of manhood or masculinity mean to you? What did you think about the …

More Males Mentoring: What Practices Have You Tried to Successfully Recruit More Men to Your Mentoring Program?

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The AMP is searching for 3-5 mentoring community program leaders to join the 3M (More Males Mentoring) Task Force to take place between February – June 2019. The meeting could include an in-person gathering as well as video or teleconferences with the goal of a completed resource toolkit by February 2020. To apply please email with a two or …

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Mentor - Alberta Mentoring Partnership

Top 10 Reasons NOT to Mentor

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Think you can’t be a mentor? Think again. Here’s why you should reconsider these Top 10 Reasons NOT to Mentor. If you want to learn more about mentoring and what it takes to be a good mentor, please click here. Or if you think you’re ready to start mentoring, explore some available opportunities here. You don’t have to be a …

Jami Jivani and the Alberta Mentoring Partnership
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The AMP Team Met With Jamil Jivani — Author of “Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity”

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The AMP met with Jamil Jivani, author of “Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity”, to discuss mentoring throughout Alberta in his journey across Canada on his #RoadHomeCanada. When meeting with Jamil, we had a chance to ask him a couple of hard-hitting questions commonly asked in the mentoring community: Why is it important that men become …

Great Kids Awards 2019 - Alberta

Great Kids Award 2019

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The nomination period for the 2019 Great Kids Award is now open! Sixteen children and youth from around Alberta will be recognized at the 19th Annual Great Kids Award ceremony in spring 2019. What is the Great Kids Award? Since 1999, the Great Kids Award has recognized remarkable children and youth who positively impact their communities. These great kids have …