WEBINAR: Mentor Recruitment

WEBINAR: Knowledge Keeper Series: Adrian LaChance

WEBINAR: Mentors are Everywhere! #MentorMonth2022

WEBINAR: Male Mentoring #MentorMonth2022

WEBINAR: Talks with Elder Knowledge Keeper Series | Rick Lightning #MentorMonth2022

WEBINAR: Talks with Elder / Knowledge keeper Series – Honoring Truth & Reconciliation Week

WEBINAR: Mentors Needed for Indigenous Children & Youth Throughout Alberta

WEBINAR: Meet the Staff of AMP

WEBINAR: Natural Supports with Nancy Reynolds and Dr. Suzanne Tough

Evaluation in the Community Context | A Practical Workshop for Building Capacity to Conduct Community-Based Evaluation

WORKSHOP: Evaluation in the Community Context | A Practical Workshop for Building Capacity to Conduct Community-Based Evaluation

WEBINAR: Sexual and Gender Diverse (SGD) Youth Mentoring Program Guide

WEBINAR: Innovative Mentoring Programs: Supporting Youth Involved in the Legal System with a Mental Health Diagnosis – Mary Lee Block

WEBINAR: Mentoring as an early intervention: A proactive approach to youth homelessness with David French, A Way Home

WEBINAR: Youth Workplace Mentoring Opportunity Workbook

WEBINAR: Starting a mentoring program 101: Creating a Quality, Community-Based Mentoring Program

WEBINAR: PRIDE MONTH MENTORING SPECIAL FEATURE: LGBTQ2S+ Youth Facing Barriers-PRISM program. Scott Grace, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary & Area for Youth

Best Practices for Intergenerational Mentoring: A conversation with LINKages

WEBINAR: REAL TALK WITH BROCK(U): Learnings from the Brock Healthy Youth Project

WEBINAR: Unveiling the High School Teen Mentoring Activity Book

WEBINAR: Online Mentor Training 101: Unveiling the Revised AMP Online Mentor Training

WEBINAR Sneak Preview: Children and Youth in Care and Mentoring Program Design

WEBINAR: Are You Covered? Mentoring Program Insurance 101 With Doug Tweddle

WEBINAR: Nerd’s Corner: A Short Guide to Evaluative Thinking

WEBINAR: The Aboriginal/Indigenous Youth Mentorship Program: Expanding the Circle into Alberta

WEBINAR: “Placing a Better Bet”: The Importance of Bridging Research and Practice in Youth Mentoring (April 26th)

Implementing the Alberta Career and Technology Studies (CTS) Mentoring Courses (April 10th, 2018)

Pathways to Mentoring: CTS Mentoring Courses Webinar (March 19th, 2018)

WEBINAR: Exploring opportunities for Research, Evaluation, and knowledge mobilization in mentoring

WEBINAR: Fundraising Feature: engaging your sponsors and donors — making them count

WEBINAR: Mentoring can help all youth grow their Natural Supports

Mentoring in 2020 and What we Need to Get There: Unveiling the AMP Strategic Plan

Mentoring Toolkit for Indigenous Children and Youth Webinar

Framing Mentorship Using the Core Story of Early Childhood Development to Strengthen Public Understanding

Mentoring Girls – Alberta Mentoring Partnership Webinar