Mentoring Toolkit for Indigenous Children and Youth Webinar

The Alberta Mentoring Partnership presented a webinar to unveil for you our hot-off-the-press Indigenous Mentoring for Children and Youth Toolkit. ask questions with the creators of the toolkit.
The Alberta Mentoring Partnership with the assistance of Dr. Sean Lessard and Dr. Simmee Chung have refreshed our Mentoring in Indigenous Communities Toolkit. In the following webinar you will learn:

  • How can you ensure your mentoring program meets the needs of Indigenous children and youth?
  • How can you learn more about existing mentoring programs?
  • How can you attract more indigenous mentors?
  • How can you work with schools and Indigenous agencies to close the mentoring gap?
  • How can you access community resources that are available?

This toolkit is designed to help you improve your current programs or help you get a new program started for Indigenous youth in your community. There will be an opportunity to hear a presentation of a new resource and ask questions.

Download the webinar presentation