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Teen Mentoring

Planning Your Program


Screening & Selection



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Match Meeting & Activities

Monitoring & Support

Match Closure

Reflecting, Learning & Improving

Additional Resources

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Example IB Mentoring Project

Sample documents from an IB Mentoring Project, where students from Bellerose high school worked with mentees in elementary schools.

Video of high school mentors talking about personal experiences and benefits of mentoring

Example Mentoring Project With Junior High & Elementary

View toolkit materials adapted for use in a class-to-class mentoring project matching junior high student mentors from JD Bracco with elementary mentees from Fraser school, who will be transitioning to junior high school.

Video of junior high students talking about preparing for meeting elementary school littles (mentees).

Example Program Documents from Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area

View documents from Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Edmonton & Area (BGCBIGS). The surveys, guides and activities provided may be adapted to your individual context for training teen mentors in school or community programs. For more information, contact BGCBIGS.


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