Teen Mentoring Toolkit Acknowledgements

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Name Organization
Barb Milne Safe & Caring Schools, Program Manager
Michelle Anderson-Draper AndersonDraper Consulting, Evaluator
Corey Dodge Alberta Mentoring Partnership, Technical Advisor
Dayna Hobbs Alberta Mentoring Partnership, Editor/Writer
Christine Vandenberghe Alberta Association for Children Research
Jacqueline Skytt Alberta Teachers’ Association
Leslie Webb Alberta Health, Government of Alberta
Sandra Prefontaine Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters
Serri Lasuik

Karen Matson

Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta
Victor Pedersen Alberta Education, Government of Alberta
Angela Thompson

Jyoti Mangat

Bellerose Composite High School (pilot site)
Kim Bouchard

Liz Knull

Vince Hill

Bassano School (pilot site)
Lynn Ball Jasper Place School (pilot site)
Pauline Law

Shelley Kofluk

M.E. LaZerte School (pilot site)
Vicky Mamczasz

Tyler Sorochan

John D. Bracco (pilot site)

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