Welcome to the official Alberta Mentoring Partnership blog.  After this post, we’ll ramp up in January following the holidays. 
This is a place where our partners and our audience can come together and receive news and information, exchange ideas and success stories, and discuss the movement for mentoring in Alberta. 
AMP is a group that brings organizations together to share resources and develop ways of improving how we work toward the goal of ensuring that every child who needs a mentor, has access to one.  If you haven’t already, we encourage you to explore the website and see how you and your organization can benefit from the tools and resources developed by AMP.  At any time, contact us to find out how to gain access and implement in your environment.
Stories!  We want them. 
One of the very best ways to encourage volunteerism in the Mentoring Movement, is to share the successful outcomes we’ve all seen.  If you have a great story to share, email Lana Tordoff at ltordoff@shaw.ca.  After a conversation, we’ll write and share your story with visitors to www.albertamentors.ca.   
We’re also on Facebook (Alberta Mentoring Partnership), Twitter (@albertamentors) and Linkedin (Alberta Mentoring Partnership).  In each environment, you’ll find updates in the sector, helpful tips for mentors and assorted other insights and information.  Please join us and share with your friends and colleagues. 
Thanks so much for tuning in and we look forward to sharing more together in the New Year.  Happy Holidays to you and your families from all of us at Alberta Mentoring Partnership.