The Youth Guide Association

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Tel: (780) 485-7703
Address: 1269 Ormsby Lane Nw Edmonton Alberta


– junior high girls
– junior high boys
– high school girls
– high school boys
– any young adult (18+ through our social media content)

we primarily are focusing on immigrant populations and ethnic minorities.

Program Description

We deliver 3 main focus programs: One-on-one mentorship (This is with the use of a guide that our organization created), as well as group mentorship (seperating two age groups – junior high and high school) and lastly we are delivering e-mentorship by creating volunteer opportunities for our mentees and by providing a social media presence to access information. This program is centred around the Islamic Faith and is available to any ethnicity.

Areas of Focus
  • One to one
  • Group mentoring
  • E-mentoring
  • Informal
Ages of Mentees
  • 11-15
  • 16-18
Special Populations
  • Children/Youth in Care
  • Girls/Women
  • Boys/Men

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