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November 15, 2013. Author: Ellyse Lambie.


I have been emailing with TJ Carabeo, Lead Mentor with Some other Solutions, this week. We met at the National Mentoring Symposium last week. He emailed me initially on November 13, asking if they were a partner and expressing his appreciation for the work AMP does and a desire to keep in touch. I responded and let him know that they are a partner. I also indicated that we had a different person on file as our contact, and TJ confirmed that he should now be AMP’s main contact (I have updated this in the AMP system). I suggested that they add more information about SOS into their online AMP profile, and let him know I’d be in touch again next week, after the upgraded AMP site is launched, with the new link to their AMP profile.


Contact Note

Writer: Ellyse Lambie

Organization:    Some Other Solutions

Type:   email

Present: Genna Chisolm

Date & Time: July 11-31, 2013


I received an email from Genna Chisolm on July 11, 2013, but she had me confused with someone else. I responded and explained AMP and my role, and asked to connect further. I didn’t hear back, and so emailed again on July 24, 2013. She responded that day and was keen to connect and have a conversation with me. She explained that they were all busy with summer holidays, and suggested that we could speak on the phone one evening. I responded and let her know I wasn’t available the evenings she suggested. I suggested she give me a few more times that they are available, and I also emailed her an overview of the resources available on the AMP website. Her last email, on July 31, indicated she would chat with her colleagues and suggest some times they could speak on the phone in August.

She also shared the following about her role, and others, with SOS:

I’m coordinating the Students Assisting Students Program and the Community Helpers Program. In addition to these programs we do run an Mentor Program in the school. My colleague TJ is our Head Mentor. He and our suicide prevention coordinator are actually in the process of creating a Mentor manual to be handed out to our new mentors in the fall.


06/24/2012. Author: Ellyse Lambie.

I emailed Carlo today to introduce myself, hear more about their program, and to offer support. I suggested we chat either on the phone or via email.


05/25/2012. Author: Amy Mohr.

SOS is currently having a lot of trouble with their school board, they want to have the mentoring relationships focus mainly on curriculum or not at all. Carlo requested up to date stats to show them that mentoring is important and separate from tutoring. I directed him to the website and the resources within it, as well as to the High School Activity Teen Mentoring Handbook and Training Book. He also requested info regarding upcoming conferences and training sessions for mentors. I mentioned that we are able to do that, he said that he will hopefully be able to take advantage of that. I will ask Jodi about conferences and email him stats and other helpful information as I find it.

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