Children’s Aid Society of Toronto

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Address: 30 Isabella St. Toronto Ontario


The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto is the largest board governed child welfare organization in North America.
Legally mandated under Ontario Provincial law -Child, Youth and Family Services Act(CFYSA) to keep children from birth to 18 years safe from abuse and neglect.
Supports families during times of crisis to ensure that children are safe.
Promotes child’s well being within their family and communities (strength-based).
Provides safe, nurturing places for children to grow up if they are unable to live in their biological home and support youth in care up to 21 years old,
The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto serves approximately 21,000 children and youth a year from 10,000 families that live in city of Toronto.

Program Description

The legal mandate d services of the organization are carried out by qualified protection social workers. The Volunteer Service department is a support team to the protection workers in order to assist them in reducing risks and strengthening families.

The Volunteer Service team offers direct service volunteers in such mentoring roles as: Special Friend, mentor, Caregiver Support, tutoring which are primarily one to one mentoring but we also have some group mentoring, etc.

Areas of Focus
  • One to one
  • Group mentoring
  • Cross-age Mentoring
  • Formal
Ages of Mentees
Special Populations
  • Children/Youth in Care
  • Children/Youth with a Disability
  • Sexual Minority Children/Youth
  • Girls/Women
  • Boys/Men

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