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Tel: (780) 905-2656
Address: 2101 Millbourne Rd West NW, Edmonton, AB, T6K 0Y3


Why We Do What We Do
Youth Rise believes that all youth in difficult circumstances hold intrinsic value. We endeavour to help establish life giving communities and resources to ensure a better future for them.

Our Mission
We want to see vulnerable youth rise to their full potential. We do this by connecting them to a community of compassionate and caring adults who assist in running wrap-around support and preventative programming.

Our Vision
When vulnerable youth are given the opportunity to rise, families will rise, communities will rise, and ultimately our city will rise.

We serve primarily in the Edmonton area.


Edmonton & Area.

Program Description

Numerous COVID programs are available now until restrictions are limited. Find out more from


We will be opening our doors to our Youth Centre located at the Millbourne Community Life Centre. Our Tuesday night program will offer an opportunity for youth to connect and engage in our space which offers a gym, cafe, games room and music studio. There will be a variety of events and intentional community outreach.


Positive relationships built with caring adults

Youth have a safe place where they can feel they belong

Youth can count on a hot meal every Tuesday

Youth are engaged spiritually

When: Tuesdays at 7pm (pending COVID-19 restrictions)

Where: Youth Rise, 2101 Millbourne Road West, North West


A space for youth to come hang out after school to play sports like basketball and soccer and to connect and create mentoring relationships with positive, caring adults in the community. There will also be food served at every program!


Safe environment to learn new skills

Safe environment for youth to hang out after school and build positive relationships with each other and caring adults

Youth can count on food being provided

When: TBD (pending COVID- 19 restrictions)

Monday 3:30 - 5:30 (Basketball)

Friday 3:30 - 5:30 (Soccer)

Where: Youth Rise, 2101 Millbourne Road West, North West


We are creating an opportunity for vulnerable youth to receive wrap around support to help them secure entry level employment. The course will include personal mentorship, effective resume building, interview preparation, opportunities for volunteer hours and more. This is done in partnership with local businesses to ensure real life and attainable opportunities for youth.


Positive mentoring relationships built with caring adults

Youth gain skills and tools they can take with them on the rest of their careers

Improved confidence and self-esteem

Provides a connection between youth and job opportunities they may not come by on their own

When: Weekend Course

Where: Youth Rise, 2101 Millbourne Road West, North West


We have a dedicated studio space for youth to explore their creativity and create music. Youth are given the chance to learn new instruments and skills. Music is an integral part of culture and with this space we will create opportunities for youth to explore their natural talents and learn new ways to express themselves.


Youth are given opportunities to learn new skills.

Youth are engaged in a safe space with caring adults and their peers.


We believe that given the opportunity, youth can help lead their communities for change. This program will provide youth with that opportunity to learn fundamental leadership skills that will help them grow the confidence and necessary skills to affect the world around them. Youth will learn a variety of skills including how to manage teams, resolve conflict, continue personal growth and be given the chance to put those skills to work by planning and leading in house events at Youth Rise. To end off the course, youth will be given the opportunity to participate in a weekend wilderness camping trip!


Youth build connections with community leaders

Youth build mentorship connections

Youth learn practical leadership skills and their applications

When: TBD pending COVID-19 restrictions

Where:Youth Rise, 2101 Millbourne Road West, North West

We are currently at work to provide inclusive and safe summer day camp programs to engage and excite youth in our community from grades 7-12. Weekly themes include soccer, basketball, music studio and creative arts.


The chance for youth to connect with each other and caring adults to build lasting relationships.

Youth will be engaged in the summer months

Youth will build skills in their preferred areas

More information coming soon!

When: July and August 2021 (pending COVID-19 restrictions)
Where:Youth Rise, 2101 Millbourne Road West, North West

YR Closet was designed to promote dignity through the clothes we provide, we believe that every youth deserves to feel and look their best regardless of their circumstance. Our aim is to provide them with high quality, clean and on trend clothes that youth actually want to wear, which are donated by our broader community. The space is designed to have a boutique feel, and each item is clean and ready to wear. We also include a variety of athletic wear and shoes and clothes for special occasions such as job interviews and formal events like high school graduation!
Where: Youth Rise, 2101 Millbourne Road West, NW

Areas of Focus

  • One to one
  • Group mentoring
  • E-mentoring
  • Informal
  • Formal

Ages of Mentees

  • 11-18

Special Populations

  • Children/Youth in Care
  • Aboriginal Children/Youth
  • Girls/Women
  • Boys/Men
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