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Established in 1967, Uncles & Aunts at Large was among the earliest agencies in the Edmonton area to organize mentor services for children. Through Uncles & Aunts at Large, volunteers offer companionship, mentoring and friendly support to children ages 6 to 18 from single-parent families. Through our events and programs, we complement the parent or guardian’s role and help create an extended family for the children. The Agency began by offering one-to-one mentorships to boys from single parent families. In response to community needs and requests, we expanded our services to girls then began to offer more children’s group programs, and a support program for parents.

The caring connections with our children, parents and volunteers are supported by a sound business structure that ensures safe, high quality client service and responsible management of programs and resources.


Edmonton & Area.

Program Description

Mentor Matching Program

This one-to-one program was organized so more positive adult role models were available to children from single-parent families. The program was established in 1967 and the need continues today. Due to a shortage of volunteers in the community, we have diversified our programs and offer group, in-school, and peer mentoring as well as one-to-one group mentoring.

Wait-List Program (Children & Families)

Children waiting for an appropriate mentor match and their families are invited to take part in programs and activities for interim social support. Sample activities include the various group programs, access to summer camps and special seasonal events such as the fishing derby and annual Christmas celebration. These activities provide children with immediate and ongoing opportunities from Agency services.

Girls’ Group Program (Girls Growing Strong)

This group program provides girls in or nearing adolescence with regular opportunities for positive peer interaction. Events focus on a combination of social, recreational and personal development activities.

Youth for Mutual Improvement (YMI Mentoring Group)

Boys over the age of 8 meet regularly to take part in various recreational activities. The sessions are led by young community volunteers who are strong role models for the boys.

Seniors Mentoring Youth

In this program, youth meet with seniors monthly to share experiences and enjoy various social and recreational activities.

Parents’ Support Group (Soaring Solo)

Through this regular evening event, single-parents have an opportunity to enjoy peer support by meeting with other parents/guardians for educational and social activities.

Grandparents Who Parent Support Group

Grandparents who are raising their grandchildren find this monthly group facilitated by a staff person, a safe, supportive venue to share experiences, gather feedback, and explore new ideas.

Family Follow-up Services

Social workers regularly contact families in programs to review their needs, provide advocacy and link them to other community resources where required. The workers encourage families to take advantage of agency and community opportunities such as recreational, parenting and other support programs.

Orientation & Safety Programs

Keeping children safe is a top priority, therefore every child must have safety training. Orientation for parents helps them better draw on Agency services for their family.

Areas of Focus

  • One to one
  • Group Mentoring
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