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Tipi of Hope Foundation is an Indigenous and non-Indigenous led not-for-profit corporation that provides a path for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities to create a joint vision of reconciliation. We work collaboratively with all Indigenous peoples, communities, organizations, and groups to ensure meaningful action.

We have Board Members across Canada but for the purposes of supporting, our Board Members in Alberta will be supportive mentors.



Program Description

Similar to a tipi, the poles are our strategic priorities:
- Storytelling: Indigenous cultures are based on using spoken stories, which are passed down from generation to generation. Ensure all Canadians learn Indigenous values, cultures, ceremonies, and beliefs through Indigenous Storytelling.
- Power of Creation and Healing: Long-term roadmap for our approach to advancing meaningful reconciliation. Reconciliation is the process of healing relationships and will require truth sharing, apology, and acknowledgment of the past. Creation of a Culture of Belonging – we are all connected. We embrace Indigenous ways of knowing, being, and doing in our programming and work.
- Holistic Education: As everything in the universe is part of a whole; everything is connected in some way. Develop Educational Programs that are culturally appropriate and reflective of Indigenous histories, cultures, and languages. Develop Educational Programs for new Canadians, Schools, and Workplaces. Develop an Information Kit for newcomers to Canada to align with the recommendation from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. This Kit would be available to all Canadians or newcomers who want to learn more!
- Future Focused: Future programming will be focused on sharing stories from everyone. This includes Indigenous peoples, including Métis, Inuit, and First Nations, both status and non-status. As well as residential school survivors, 60’s scoop survivors, multi-generational survivors and settlers who recognize Indigenous experiences and who have begun their journey of healing to achieve reconciliation.

Other programs will be released shortly.

Areas of Focus

  • Youth Development
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