Mentors are caring adults who help build a stronger community through the simple act of spending time with a child.


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By creating a relationship based on trust and open communication, mentors help kids foster a sense of belonging, build self-confidence and learn new skills and passions. Talking and spending time with engaged adults provides children with positive experiences during periods of heightened brain development. That kind of positive mentoring can help children build a solid foundation that prepares them to adapt to the future demands of the adult world.

Spending time with a young person may seem simple, but science tells us that healthy interactions with supportive adults boosts children’s brain development, mental health, and wellbeing.

It doesn’t take any special skills or accomplishments to be a mentor. If you find yourself reading this, you already have what it takes: an interest in making a difference in the life of a child.

Become a mentor and help a young person do better in school, understand their strengths, and reach for their goals. Your presence, time, support, advice, friendship and constructive role modelling can make a big difference.


What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is interacting in a positive, supportive, and enriching capacity with children and youth. Young brains are continuously under construction throughout childhood and adolescence, and interacting with caring adults strengthens the architecture of developing brains.

Mentoring connects children and youth to community resources that engage young people in activities and relationships that support their growth and continued well being.

Mentoring gives children and youth a positive role model who provides support, advice, and friendship.

Alberta is made better by the contributions of all citizens. Mentoring helps children and youth realize their potential, achieve their educational goals, and contribute to our community.

Anyone can be a mentor. It doesn’t take any special skills or talents, simply a commitment to be a caring adult in the life of a child.

Why is Mentoring Important?

Mentoring is a powerful way of lending support to a young person by teaching skills, listening to their perspectives and creating a sense of belonging.

Research tells us that children need a positive adult influence (like a mentor) in their lives. Children who engage with adults in developmentally supportive ways are:

  • more likely to achieve high academic performance
  • more likely to participate in extracurricular school activities
  • less likely to have behaviour problems in school
  • less likely to be bullied or victimized

Alberta’s success depends on all of our contributions to the well-being of children. Spending as little as an hour a week with a young person can make a difference to them and to Alberta’s future.

What are the Perks of Mentoring?

The entire province benefits from mentors’ involvement in the community and with our children.

  • Play an important role in helping tomorrow’s leaders to be better citizens.
  • Make your community a better place. Everyone benefits from a stronger Alberta, and your commitment will be your legacy.
  • Share life lessons and feel good about giving back and making a meaningful difference in the life of a young person.
  • Network with like-minded caring adults. Share experiences, resources, tools and advice with fellow mentors.
  • Add a meaningful experience to your life. Broaden your horizons outside of your work.
  • Enhance your work and personal life with transferable skills like better communication, organization, leadership, and problem solving.
Mentoring 101Top 10 Reasons NOT to MentorWhat kind of mentor can I be?
It is a good program. Your mentor is there to be a friend. No expectations, If you don’t get along you can always get another. I feel like I’ve known her for a long time. I told others about it, my best friend and recommended that a teacher of mine become a mentor.”

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Get the training to make the most of your mentoring experience.

Have you recently become a mentor? Do you need a training refresher? The Alberta Mentoring Partnership has designed training resources that will get you started. AMP has compiled the knowledge and tools that can help mentors to make a positive impact on young people’s development. Visit the resources below to get you comfortable with your role and help you make the most of your mentoring relationship.

Online Mentor Training

Online Mentor Training
Explore mentoring concepts through five short modules and test your knowledge with a final quiz.

The Online Mentor Training modules include:

  1. Course Introduction and Learning Objectives
  2. History of Mentoring
  3. How To Be a Mentor
  4. The Mentoring Relationship – Dynamics and Guidelines
  5. Mentoring Programs

Access online course at

University of Alberta Mentoring Children and Adolescents Course

Boost your resume and earn university credits while mentoring a child. The Alberta Mentoring Partnership has partnered with the University of Alberta to offer EDPY 397, an open studies course focused on effective mentoring practices. The course can be taken online or through distance education and will provide you with tools for being a successful mentor.

Visit for more information.