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Peerify, is a youth lead, mental health non-profit organization for youth and young adults. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic there has been an overwhelming increase in the need of resources for youth and young adults. A rapid influx of youth in the Calgary area are struggling with their mental health in isolation; with increasing levels of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and stress. There is an urgent need for youth support because, without it, we run the risk of long-lasting effects in the incoming generation of Calgarians. Currently, in Calgary and surrounding areas, there are no free programs run by youth that are aimed towards aiding youth. By providing free online resources, our plan is to reduce the struggles faced by youth in the community; these resources would include online workshops about self-care, resume building, SMART goals, etc.

Peerify would also like to implement an online mentorship program for Calgary youth; by the beginning of Spring. Which will connect junior high and high school students (13-18) with older university level students (18-24). Our organization is working to provide a mentorship program where youth can communicate their issues, feelings, and develop a connection during a time of isolation. In getting to know the mentors it will make it easier to open up with a longer-term service; where one can comfortably and confidently share their issues.


Calgary & Area.

Program Description

Workshops: they are one-time, hour long online presentation with a specific focus for each workshop. We have had ones about resume building, self care, and soon one on meditation.
Blog posts: posted as a resource youth can read online, with differing topics such as social anxiety or coping with stress.
Mentor program: pairing of an older student (university level) with a younger student (junior/high school level). The main goal is for our mentors to be a support for their mentees during a time of isolation and uncertainty

Areas of Focus

  • One to one
  • Cross-age Mentoring
  • E-Mentoring

Ages of Mentees

  • 11-18

Special Populations

  • Children/Youth in Care
  • Sexual Minority Children/Youth
  • Girls/Women
  • Boys/Men
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