Mentor Profile – Tayanne Martin

Mentor Profile Tayanne Martin

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Alberta Mentoring Partnership would like to thank all the amazing mentors across the province that give their time to make a difference in the lives of children and youth. The following profile offers an example of those mentors. If you have a recommendation of a mentor to be profiled, please contact us


University Student

Hobbies & Interests

Reading, travelling, spending time with my family and my dog.

My Role As A Mentor

I am an In School Mentor and have been matched for 2 years. My mentee and I go outside to play sports or games, play on the computer, do science experiments, bake, and play board games. We have become friends and have learned from each other.

What Motivated Me To Get Involved

I became a mentor because I love working with kids and helping them see their own strengths. I hoped it would help me to build my own self-confidence. I wanted to share my experiences with a child to help them through adolescence and be someone they could take to and trust.

What I Enjoy Most About Being A Mentor

I enjoy having fun with my mentee. It is a very rewarding experience and knowing my mentee is looking forward to the next time we meet shows me that he is benefitting from our match.

“Even the smallest influence can cause change in a child’s life.”