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InMotion Network is dedicated to the support and advocacy of sport and physical activity for girls and women in Alberta. Their goal is to facilitate innovative initiatives that increase girls and women's lifelong participation in sport and physical activity.  InMotion Network offers the following programs: The Take the Lead Grant has been created to help Albertan girls and women become experienced leaders in the sport and recreation fields. InMotion Network provides $15,000 in grants per year to girls and women working or volunteering in the sport or active living communities, recreation field or school system who are working towards increasing their leadership capacity.


Edmonton & Area.

Program Description

The CAAWS. Women and Leadership Program consists of 5 professional development sessions designed for women by women, and 1 workshop designed for girls and young women aged 15-20.  Each 3-hr session blends theory with practical applications and provides an opportunity for girls and women working or volunteering in the active living communities to share experiences, reflect on ideas and apply specific techniques. The sessions also allow for networking opportunities among participants. BodySense is an education and outreach initiative dedicated to the promotion of positive body image in athletes. BodySense believes that an affirmative sport environment can facilitate in the development of positive character traits: perseverance, responsibility, a strong sense of self and body, and integrity as well as values like fairness, fitness, friendship, and fun. Go Girl is a one day get active workshop for pre-teen and teenaged girls.  The goal of this event is to encourage and support teenaged girls in choosing an active, healthy lifestyle. This is a one day experience in which teenaged girls are invited to see-and-try a variety of physical activities and sports and access resources on how to continue participating in these activities. They also have the opportunity to participate in sessions and information on nutrition, body image and wellness issues.  Girls in Motion & Women in Motion are "females-friendly" program that provides high-quality recreational, sport/physical activity programs specifically for girls and women in Alberta. Girls in Motion and Women in Motion programs are community run and organized and are made to order based on the needs of individual communities.  InMotion Breakfast Series is an opportunity for women to enjoy breakfast while learning from an expert facilitator on a topic relating to females and physical activity.  Discussion and networking are encouraged.

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