Resource for Mentoring Indigenous Children and Youth

AMP offers two primary resources to support the establishment of new mentoring programs. For community groups or organizations, the “Create a Community-based Mentoring Program” Toolkit or for schools, the “Framework for Mentoring in Schools.”

The following Considerations for Mentoring within Indigenous Communities are a supplementary resource to support primarily non- Indigenous organizations that strive to develop and deliver quality mentoring programs for and with children, youth, and families of Indigenous descent. They are based on research and the combined expertise of those who are already engaged in this important work.

These considerations complement the existing mentoring resources available on the AMP website by providing specific resources to strengthen your mentoring work with Indigenous communities in service of young people. These considerations are intended to helping you support the development and implementation of quality mentoring programs that build on the strengths of the community, children, and youth.

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Mentoring a Unique or Diverse Population?

If you are working with a unique or diverse community please supplement these steps with the tools and resources included in the sections below. These additional tools have been developed to support mentoring programs with immigrant, refugee, Indigenous youth and youth in care.

Considerations for Mentoring in Indigenous Communities

DOWNLOAD: The Considerations for Mentoring in Indigenous Communities
Children and youth across all communities in the province need support from adults as they grow. Indigenous communities have unique mentorship needs. Learn about the what, why, how and who are involved in an Indigenous Mentoring Program in the Handbook for Aboriginal Mentoring from 2007.

Download: Handbook for Aboriginal Mentoring